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What are they? - Angels are beings of the highest vibrational realm they are protectors of the earth and work in unity to keep the cycle of the earth and other planetary systems in alignment. Angels are divine beings light filled and with a vision of love. They see you as the best version of you and will guide you to be the brightest light you can be to assist in the unity of all.

What do they do? - They work with the nature of the vibration and in keeping this in alignment they work to keep the "peace"

What do they look like? - Angels are very tall, they are translucent and light-filled, describing them is beyond words. To describe “energy at its most purest form” would be to describe an angel. Love is all that they are and all they emminate.


Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael I AM, with my presence I bring the light of the colour blue, the essence of comfort allowing you to feel protected. I bring harmony to the fallen to assist in rising. Call for my assistance when in need of restoration, you will be given a lift of love.

Honoured I AM to lift your woes and guide you to know the eternal protection of the angelic realm. We are they whom shine light over you. Know you are safe and you are well, for when you ‘believe’ it to be so, so it is.

We are guided to assist in bringing you to ‘knowing’ all that you are. We are faithful to the desire of the greatest good for all humanity. At every level of being there is a measure of vibration we are to assist in bringing this measure to the collective of love.

I stand forward to speak on behalf of all to send the guiding light of love to rise above existent fear. I bring the security of harmonic balance, allowing for you to become all that is in resonance with what is the ‘highest good of all’. In the simplest form all you need to know is that you are far more powerful than you have yet realised. We see you as light, glorious beings of light.

Ask for what you need and know it to be so we are with you guiding you to the highest good of all that is. The love we have to give is beyond measure. Outstretch your arms to receive the love awaiting you. You enable our assistance in your life by asking.

 “Archangel Michael I call apon you now, to bring the light of protection within my life, guide me to all that is of my highest good, and so it is”


Archangel Raphael

I AM the Archangel Raphael, I Am resonant with the alignment of healing. With the vibration I carry, you may connect the colour ray of green. The essence of all that I AM is to fulfil, to restore and to provide healing. My purpose is also to remove all of nil benefit within the energy field of ‘all that is.

The creation of that which is un-serving to the physical body comes from the creation ‘outside’ of ‘it’. My guidance is in bringing awareness to your connection to all that lifts and lowers your ‘Vibrational Awareness.’

Connect only with that which is most comforting to you. I wish not to give lecture on that which resonates and rejects within the energy field, only to lovingly guide. I ask for all to ‘feel’ what is bringing you to the best point within ‘self’ Disconnect from external, to return to pure self.

All that is needed to heal - all that is you – is YOU. You are more able to return to the purest form than yet you may realise. I ask you to stop in a world on-spinning to find your feet, to know yourself.

I Am the one you may call apon when you feel disconnect from your physical body. The vessel to carry you in your existence. Call apon me when needed is assistance in healing all that is you.

“Archangel Raphael I call apon you now to come within my life to assist in bringing healing energy to all that is, to restore all to the highest vibration”

I AM Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel is that I AM, I see over your children, your relationships. I AM your guide in love and in light.

I guide with love, with my presence you may sense the colour yellow.  

I guide love where there may be lacking, I give strength and guidance where needed it is most, bringing to you a level of understanding and compassion. I come forward to instil value, to give support, to encourage and to listen.

Open your heart and it is ‘I’ will be there to hold your energy. I guide those in suffering times bringing a gentle vibration to assist in stability when it is needed. When you are feeling lost it is ‘I’ who will guide you back to where you feel found, it is ‘I’ the Archangel Gabriel with you in childbirth in times of life in coming and in transition of life.

I AM the angel with you for the changes you may go through in realising who you are. I guide you to be wise with your choices in how you impart your knowledge, what you may feel as being your truth may not be anothers and as such you must be aware to only feel what you feel for yourself and lovingly acknowledge another may have a separate view to you. With love this is my guidance to you, be open to what others may feel and give love where it may not be otherwise present. I AM the Archangel Gabriel.


“ Archangel Gabriel I ask for your assistance in guidance for my family and relationships, to assist me to be understanding and compassionate of others”

Lovingly channelled with

Angel Rachel


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