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Animal Connection Testimonial

Hi all!

I showed Angel Rachel a photo of my four-legged soul mate - the horse in the first photo.

Straight away she wrote down "B" and "rescue". My horse's name was Bobby, and less than 12 hours before, the mangy-looking, neglected, abused, homeless dog in the second photo had decided I would be her human. I was not yet convinced.

Angel Rachel proceeded to tell me about a small, female, cream and white dog with big brown eyes that would change my life, with RESCUE in big letters. I named her Chloe, and she is my saviour. I was going through a difficult separation at the time and mourning the loss of my darling Boxer, Indiana, among other things. Chloe became my rock. She barely leaves my side, choosing to sleep on me so she knows when I move. She comes everywhere with me, and is the new love of my life. 💖🐾🐶

Thank you Angel Rachel for showing me this dog had come into my life right when i needed her the most, and with a purpose - so we could help give each other a better life xx

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