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A Confirmation of Mediumship Connection

I met with a young man at The River House his friend recommended he come see me.His pops energy came in giving confirming details about family, personality, personal details and more. As we were closing the connection he told me he was hoping to hear something in particular.. he had been in his mind asking pop to make me say it.I told him as a medium I have a system I use when working with spirit and when I ask them a question I may be given a direct answer. I asked him what shall I ask pop - He said 'about the tattoo' only he and I know. I asked pop about the tattoo..pop then showed me a vision of SOCKS, and then he indicated WATER.. ( he gave me visions of anything connected to water like a pirate ship, fish, boat... but all he wanted me to say was WATER. I wrote it down and showed the young man..He was stunned.. he pulled up his jean leg, pulled down his SOCK to reveal a tattoo of WATER, a wave with the name POP underneath 🌊 (his last memory with his pop was of a wave crashing into them both while out on the water in a boat, he had gotten the tattoo to symbolise that moment together) I just had to hug him and tell him that I will keep doing what I do because those moments are so very special. I'm glad he asked rather than walk away and wonder

44 % ​SLXLM

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