I was first introduced to Angel Rachel through my husband. Each time I have met with her she has been so welcoming and so very supportive. I was concerned the whole experience would be overwhelming but Rachel gently guides through the experience. Rachel truly cares about the people who come to see her. I had always been interested in mediumship but had never had the opportunity to engage. Rachel has been incredibly accurate each time we have met with her for a personal reading.

I also took the opportunity to go a long to one of Rachel's medium platform evenings where she meets with a group of up to 12 people. I brought a friend with me who was interested but had also never been to a psychic before. I knew Rachel would be the perfect introductory experience. My friend had a wonderful evening and was affirmed by Rachel's accuracy. Aside from her obvious skill, the thing that stood out most to my friend was Rachel's honest, affable and approachable manner without any 'airy-fairy' nonsense. I could not recommend Rachel more highly for anyone intrigued by mediumship. If you   are a first-timer, she is definitely a wonderful introduction. The medium events a very easy way to edge yourself in if you are unsure. It's reassuring to see Rachel read for other people before the deeper connection with your own experiences. It's also a smaller monetary commitment for that first time but I guarantee you will want to go back for a personal reading!

Angel Rachel I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for myself and my daughter (14yrs old).... ❤ We attended your Angel Workshop together on Sunday and unexpected events led to me bringing my daughter along instead of my intended guest! My girl has been going through some teenage emotions (depression/loss etc) and no matter what I tried as a parent I couldn't seem to snap her out of it!! That's where your magic has come in! When you went around the group and channeled specific individual Angel messages for us all I felt her energy shift....then you set up 2 beds side by side joined our hands and took us on a journey balancing our chakras and we went into a deep meditative state...the last words you spoke before we went on our little journey were: "Guide her mumma!" So I tuned into my baby with your assistance and bought her back to the light! 😇😇😇 On the drive home my daughter was on a "Spiritual High" and was amazed at how great she felt....I cannot explain the joy I too experienced as a mum to hear these words from her mouth!! She came home and wrote herself a beautiful positive affirmation and stuck it up on the wall in her bathroom! Last night she came into me with an awesome manifesting idea and we sat and did the exercise together then meditated! She has had all these intuitive messages clearly come to her since attending your workshop!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, I am so grateful!!! If anyone has been considering seeing Rachel for a reading, healing or attending one of her events DO IT!!! You won't be disappointed!!! I highly recommend Angel Rachel's work!! Oh and the spirit of a dear friend that she connected and shared messages with just 3 DAYS after his transition home was MIND BLOWING accurate!!! Book in to see Rachel for yourself this woman is incredible!!!! Thank you so much again, it is so good to have my baby girl back and awakened!!!! -Namastè 😇💕💕💕💕

Hi Rachel, I had a reading with you back in 2017...a very long time ago. So much made sense at the time. However, I came across the pieces of paper you had written random stuff all over only in the last few weeks when I was going through some thing. Can I just say OMG!!! There is 1 name that is written on that page which was a very unusual name and made absolutely no sense at the time. Well the person with that name entered into our life in 2019 and wow she was everything you had warned of. Even if her true colours have only started to shine and bring my family havoc in the last 8 months or so. But you had her down to a tea. I sat there dumbfounded when I read the name on the piece of paper because it is not a name just anyone would of connected. So many other random words on that page all then connected together. I would definately love to get another reading from you when I have some free time. You really are amazing.

The day before I met Rachel at a platform event, my Mum & I were talking about our own otherworldly encounters. Mine was about a night out with friends that ended with us visiting a cemetery. I swapped my dancing shoes for my more comfortable work shoes which had a kitty heel.It was close to a full moon & it's light lit up the path we were walking, that combined with my little heels made me think of the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of Oz, so I started skipping & stating that I was Dorothy...yes, I had been drinking 😉 My partner went to retrieve some friends that had wandered off so I decided to take a seat at a cemented grave that seemed to stand out in the moonlight, when my partner came back I stood up to leave and looked at who's grave I had been visiting...DOROTHY ... When I met Rachel, she mentioned a female connection starting with D...and then Rachel says 'Dorothy' my Mum & I just looked at each other in surprise and a little shock. Mum teased me for picking up stranger spirits. The night we visited the cemetery one of my friends had a bad feeling and said that he felt he was being 'dragged' and freaked out a lot. I believe Dorothy was protecting me just like an Angel. My partner and I went back about a week later as I wanted to visit Dorothy's grave, we found it and I took a picture with my phone, I got one photo and my phone turned off. I tried to turn it back on, it's battery was flat. It had been at 98% full just before the photo. This whole experience would normally have freaked me out and seemed unbelievable but when Rachel connected with Dorothy is turned into a positive and memorable moment that I feel lucky to have experienced. .


Having been invited to one of her group platform events by Angel Rachel, it was a nice birthday gift to say the least. From the moment we all sat down she immediately started connecting with each and every single audience member. I was surprised when she was able to connect with my grandpa having passed on 6 years ago. She was able to describe significant detail which reconfirmed it was truly him and not a hoax. I received a lovely take home message from him before she moved on, a message i was also able to pass on to my dad. I couldn't be happier with the experience i received from Angel Rach, not one person left without having been touched or connected with their loved ones. Highly recommended!

Rachel is an amazing person and incredibly accurate. Thank you again for sharing your incredible gift with me! I am still blown away by the incredibly accurate details you were able to unfold during my reading. Thank you SO much!! You have no idea (actually perhaps you probably do haha) how much your 'animal communication reading' has truly helped me take a giant leap forward in healing! My heart is still exploding with joy, knowing that you were able to connect so deeply to my beloved pet that has passed and given me the comfort I so deeply needed in order to move on during this difficult time.I thought you should also know, that my mum was able to confirm that the information you provided about both of my Grandmothers was 100% spot on! I am glad that I was able to record that and pass it on to her!I cannot possibly thank you enough. Bless you <3

Hi Rachel, I just want to say thank you so much for our reading yesterday. It was really amazing.

I know not all of it was good information, but it was the truth and I would like to thank you for giving me that. I felt like it cleared alot up but now I feel like I've got more questions to ask. I might write them down next time. You were so accurate and I was just so blown away and emotional as it's so hard for me to talk and deal with I forgot questions to ask you. I miss her so much, still feel like it's just not real. And the guilt I carry is so bad. I'd love to see you again in a few months for another reading and next month I'd love to start angelic healing with you. You really do have a special gift. You're a beautiful person and I really look forward to our next session. I just can't believe what you can do! So amazing.

Ps: my son was sick in the Tummy last night and also today. He's been vomiting and unwell. You asked if he has a sore tummy during our reading. I was like omg!  I hope you have a lovely weekend and happy a Mother's Day upcoming.

I just won a mini reading from Rachel I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much.. You are right on with what you told me, I'm actually blown away, you are extremely talented with your gift. Anyone lucky enough to receive a reading from you will not be disappointed. You are angel sent from above to spread your love and gift to us. May this new journey that you are on send you to higher hights and soar like a eagle as you are intended. Once again thank you for your time and energy and generosity from within. Take care. Always

Detailed and to the point with information that resonated deeply. A beautiful soul with a heart of gold, who turned out to be a very accurate reader . Thank you my soul sister

This is one freakishly in tune chick :) , she keeps the reading to the point and accurate. Her spiritual healing is amazing, without her I would have struggled so much more through my relationship breakdown. She is friendly, approachable, and has a huge heart. This is one gifted and very special woman. You wont be disappointed by her readings/healing. Thank you Rachel .

I usually won't let other psychics read for me but I find myself coming to Rachel all the time for little validations here and there and her changelings are fantastic. She has also helped me with something personal in my life and saw results instantly

I have a personal interest in Rachels work. Being the one that attuned her for her Reiki Master it makes me very proud that she has gone as far as she has. She is a very gifted healer in all rights. Her psychic skills are amazingly accurate. Her medical intuitive skills are amazing. Her energy work is very very relaxing and healing. If you have issues in your life she can help guide you to things that will help you find peace. I highly recommend her work. You will not regret it

An absolutely incredible experience. Rachel is one if the most gifted people I have come across.. Beautiful, intelligent, gentle . Cannot recommend her enough. ♥ love&light

Angel Rachel is an amazing and beautiful person. I haven't known her for very long but I am blessed to have her come into my life. She has been helping me through a very tough time in my life. Thank you Angel Rachel

Lovely lady who takes the time to communicate with you. My reading was accurate detailed and spot on I was very impressed with the detail. Thank you again highly reccomend! Laila Champagne Once again, Rachel has provided me with extraordinary details that no one could know about, and provided validation and a connection deep with in me. She also takes the time to make sure that the reading is delivered to you, and is very friendly and warm. Definatly keen to come back for more again

You were spot on with information I was given last year. Such a lovely person

I've just been attuned by Reiki Master Rachel Brooks, I felt the attunement was a life changing event for me. In the attunement I was delivered several messages in which I couldn't receive prior. Arch Angel Michael was present and the energy was incredible. I'm glad I was guided to Rachel Brooks as I may never of experienced this with another Master. Thank you Rachel much love x

Thank you dear Rachel ,and sorry for slow reply .Over all feeling great ,had a strong smell of incense (funny happened at work ) and later that evening a very deep sound ,like from meditation bowl in use ,that was very calming .Thank you .Feeling more connection with my angels to! Beautiful ♥ ♥


Brilliant sessions. Her reading was accurate and I was blessed in the fact that she channelled a loved one which helped in my healing process. Looking forward to doing a Reiki class with her....highly recommended


Today I received a healing on my Chakras & Aura.. The healing was very powerful & profound at first then it changed to a very gentle subtle feeling which instantly put me to sleep.. It was a magical experience & the healing went very deep... Thank you so much Rachel, for giving time & energy to me, I am very greatful to you

Thankyou so much Rachel for the reading I had. I totally related to my animal totems! Rachel answered many questions I had and together we discovered my guides. Totally happy! :-)

Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience today with my first ever medium connection -reading. It mean't the world to me. You are simply amazing. xx


Thank you so much for my reading today. I couldn't believe how much everything made sense, it was like everything has clicked into place for me. I can't thank you enough hun, love and light xo


Rachel has helped me so much since we've met. We've had plenty of conversations that helped guide me down the path I am on. She's helped me with life decisions and is always there when I ask for her ear. She is extremely gifted, always giving me readings that resonate and I see her progress higher everyday. Thank you for everything dear xxxx .


I've had a few readings from this lovely lady and she is always spot on and very caring and compassionate. I highly recommend her.♥ I also recently had a free healing from this lovely lady and it was very relaxing and peaceful. It helped to decrease my sciatic pain. She is very kind and understanding and tries to help in anyway she can.♥

Wow, what an amazing experience that energy healing was. Thank you so very much, I felt your energy working on my forehead with lots of tingling it truly was awesome and uplifting. You are a very talented beautiful person xx 

Rachel is one of those rare and precious people that can see into your very soul. She has helped me on many occasions and she is more than just a clairvoyant. Her abilities never cease to amaze me.... along with her unending capacity for love, compassion and understanding. If you are needing guidance, let Rachel be your guiding light 

My first reading received today was so accurate and gave me great insight. I highly recommend a reading. Rachel is a great soul and has a great gift and gives you nothing but truth from the guides, angels and totem animals.

You do not need to be present in a connection with Angel Rachel, she is able to connect to you, your family members, your animals and more in the energy through your intention to connect with her. .

Amazing to know things in advance and be prepared i am so thankful for Angel Rachels help and guidance .every step of my journey ...My daughter, I can say truly is A true Angel ♥

Rachel, just wanted to thank you so much, my healing, reading today was amazing :) you are a beautiful soul and funny too, was so easy to get along with you. I had fun also :) releasing and opening and cleansing my chakras today left me feeling absolutely amazing. When I left I felt so clear and relaxed, I felt like I was floating on a cloud :) thank you xo 

A truly beautiful soul who sees all and feels all the essence of your very soul..highly recommended xox ♥

She is an amazing woman that I have been fortunate enough to know as a friend. Incredible how she has known things happening in my life that I had not told anyone. Such a wonderful presence to be around xx

Such and beautiful soul and always there to answer any questions I may have . I have absolutely loved being Rachel's student and I'm very grateful for what Angel Rachel has taught me. I haven't had a pleasure of having a reading as yet but I can't wait too someday soon as I have seen her work and she gives very accurate and loving guidance. :) x 

She is an amazing lady. Makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The information she tells you is correct and very helpful. I high recommend everyone to go and see her. Thank you so much, you have helped me so much today.


Thank you for your reading at the River House. It was a moving experience as we really connected. I loved the unique way you conducted the reading and the straight forward interaction. I will catch up with you again real soon. Evan 

I met Rachel at an event early this year. I was so blown away with her accurate Medical Intuitive scanning & healing! 

Thanks for the health check - you were spot on - I will definately see you again 

100% accurate. I was told by rachael she could see me having a little boy and conceiving march 17th. This was was mid February, I found out a few days later I was pregnant. I was confused because it was a month earlier. Sadly I lost the baby early in and can now happily say im pregnant with my rainbow baby and hoping for the best. :-) if you want an accurate reading see rachael, she is the real deal! 


Rachel has been spot on with her readings and is a georgous and kind soul. Xo

Talented and gifted... Rachel is an Angel who will guide you on your journey each step of the way xox

I was so impressed i had to have a personal one done! The information i received was so accurate, and what was predicted happened within 2weeks. After my time with Rachel i walked away feeling light, positive and fresh. I would definitely recommend Rachel to all my friends & family

I found Rachel to be absolutely breathtaking in every way spiritually as well as being a very good healer - highly recommend her to anybody and everybody...we met in a shopping centre and she asked me who is Max, Max is my son. Xo thank you for your enlightenment Rachel was a pleasure meeting you...

People this lady has left me lost for words Totally amazing medium everything every word she gave to me was 100% validated The information this astounding medium gave to me was out of this world MIND BLOWING!!!! And let me say this she did it all from a photo!!! No info not a thing just a photo!!!For example I was literally standing in the middle of know where and I was sent there to find a needle in a haystack but I need help!! So I called Rach up on the phone and said Rach help me She tuned into the person needed instantly and told me to turn 60deg left and then take 10 steps so I did! And out of know where at my feet was an item I was looking for! THEN I wonder back to where I was and asked where the other thing I was looking for was She said face west and squat down look ahead and you will see it And what i saw is what I had just done 10 laps around thinking I had it but doubted myself then Rach continued to explain to me what I was seeing OMG this girl is damn good!!! And that was Rach on the phone to me from QLD while I was standing in the middle of know where in VIC!!! This was just 2 things but Rach told me many countless things that have all been validated Rach I have no words to express what you have done for us!!! Your very special and I'm lucky to have you in my life Xoxoxo.

Really enjoyed the angel party I attended recently. Not only was it a great way to catch up with friends and meet new friends, Rachel was fabulous ! The whole experience was amazing and lots of fun. Iv booked in for a private one on one reading with Rachel also.

Rachel was spot on and I cant wait to get another reading soon ♥ thank you ... so glad I found you!

I spent my entire teenage life in and out of mental health hospitals, medicating and self abusing. Family and friends didn't understand me and for a very long time I felt alone in this world. I met Angel Rachel at the start of this year and with in 5 minutes she was able to connect the dots and since then has been here for me every step of the way. Thank you Rachel, you have truly been a blessing in my life! The biggest mistake I ever made was allowing myself to believe I was crazy and that I needed to be 'fixed', you taught me how to feel safe in my body and embrace my authenticity thank you, thank you

An amazing caring soul. Extremely accurate and is available to work with you on many different levels. I am very grateful to have worked with Angel Rachel. Thank you xx

This was my first time ever seeing a psychic and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. Thank you so so so much. You are a very gifted woman. You gave details from my grandmother she mentioned a "letter" and I showed you the letter was something she wrote to me, something I had tattooed on my leg.