What is my personal Mediumship style ?

A: With my Mediumship, I don’t wait for an energy/spirit lineup to come to me.. it’s more like a phone line. I call in who you would like to connect with & work to balance the energy. Meaning my energy may be able to hold a connection for a little or long time depending how strong the soul vibration is in balance to mine.I have a conversation within that energy connection, I ask what they passed from, personality, family references, evidential information you would know but I shouldn’t.. while writing notes. I then ask you a question, and reveal to you what iv written. You are the key to decipher so it’s always a blessing when you are willing to work with an open mind, it assists the connection flow.

This is the main way I work in an in person connection. It’s always exciting for me to understand the stories behind what iv written, as you are the conduit to explain the memories etc between myself & the spirit person/animal energy you have requested. Writing my notes allows you to see I have the information before you give it.. I may have written Robert, 3brothers, passed heart failure. I may ask who is Robert? did he have three brothers? What did he pass from? After you answer I would show you the notes, allowing you to trust that your loved are still able to communicate through energy.

In my Readings/Healings I wish for those who come to see me to feel comfortable & as though your chatting with an old friend who simply knows to much.

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