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An angel of light came. She told me she would teach my body the vibration of love and then I would go amongst those ready to hear, to see and learn the Vibrational Love. "Lift the vibration from within each person, teach them to recognise the language of Unity.” she said. "Guide them to release and ignore all other emotions, relieving the beckoning call of temptation, allowing the release of love within. Allowing it to empower and consume thier body. Teach the tones, the language of unity, that which will bring harmonic balance to the world as the light of unity desires it to be."


Said she ‘Speak from the heart and only love will be poured. Each divine breath laced with love is the lining for a foundation built, stable, strong, longlasting. Go forth give the people what they seek, allow them to see within themselves is all ever was wished for them to see, divinity within. To see truth is to see you are everything. You seek outwardly for a source residing within, within each divine being whether path be for the highest good or path be swaying away all beings divinely created from the flame of the beginning.’ ‘Reignite the connection within.’

and so it is.

THE KEYS TO UNITY - Digital Copy

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