Angelic And Psychic Medium Reading - 30 Minutes


We all need guidance at times in our life and as an Angelic communicator and Evidentiary Psychic Medium is it is Angel Rachel’s greatest joy to share with you uplifting vibrations and guided messages form those in Spirit to enrich your personal journey. Angel Rachel reads for you from her heart, and with all her love.

As a channel for the Angels, Archangels and other Celestial Beings. Angel Rachel passes on to you uplifting and healing messages from the angelic realm. The Angels always have a way of seeing beyond the present and encouraging you to think in an entirely different way to solve problems, and as a result attract positive energy flow into your life.

Angel Rachel is also a Evidentiary Psychic Medium, delivering evidential and powerful messages from Loved Ones and Pets who have passed over to the other side. As an evidential medium she strives to be authentic in offering in-depth messages and validations that your loved ones are still with you and helping to guide you daily.

Angel Rachel can help you to answer questions, get past blocks, find direction, ease feelings of grief and loss, or talk to your pet for you. Her readings are healing, with good practical advice, given to you with sensitivity and compassion.


(Allow  7-14 Days for an organised Booking Time) 

Phone Reading - 30 Minutes

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    *Disclaimer: Intuitive Direction assumes no responsibility for decisions you make as a result of a reading. Readings are not a substitute for professional medical, legal, financial advice (or other professional advice). You are advised to follow your own inner guidance and common sense in all decisions you make.