Angel Rachel

As a medium and channel when you come to me for reading in person or through a photo by distance, I will work towards giving you accurate and evidential information from your loved in spirit. I work with all clair abilities as an empath to give your connection.


The first thing I ask them is to describe to me how it felt to be them before passing and explain to me how they crossed. In doing this I feel in my own body the symptoms and conditions of what they were feeling.  Once we have established the connection, I will go on to give details about the personality, the looks, the people they may be referencing living and crossed they also often mention numbers, dates, new children coming into the family and memories and more.

Animals have beautiful pure energy and they often come through to give peace of mind to owners.

I find with spirit energy they will give guidance and clarity and with foresight they often come within your dreams. While in connection with me I may be able to recognise those dreams.


Depending on the energy of a spirit I may hold your hand, ask you to think of them, or at times even speak of them to build the connection. It's truly a divine combination needed to get a great flow and your openness to receive is highly valuable in that. 


I receive goosebumps all over my arms as the spirit energy touches me when I am passing on information that they feel is relevant and necessary for the person receiving.


In my experiences I have only ever felt loving energy from the spirit people who have come through but in saying that they describe themselves as who they were not who they are presently. It is true that from the other side they wish to send love and healing but through me as your channel I work to give you something so you can believe..... as your middle point medium I am someone to help you know that they are always with you guiding you watching over you and that this soul energy is eternal.

AR x