The 12 Initiations to Unity

As a child I would often find myself within the writer's mind of the


‘Choose your own Adventure’ series.  


Being taken along for an adventure within their words. I would excitedly prepare for the reading journey to find where the twists and turns may take us.  These wonderful and challenging adventures would lead along winding passages with compass points of choice, change & discovery. 


The anticipation of the unknown kept my attention, as I was enthralled with the direction it was heading and may lead. 


Often suddenly presented with a fork in the path. A decision to make. 


A page to turn

Recognizing the points of change.


Would I take the mountain and the terrain, the difficult path..skip ahead to page 97 or would I choose to wander back to the safety of the boat skipping back to page 14


I was a curious little soul, often skipping around using detective skills to predict the possibility of a choice's outcome.  Grabbing a glimpse of the alternate endings and scooting back to the last point of safety if troubled chartered waters rose, so I could navigate myself better the next time. 


 I would then be able to cleverly construct my path to the desired outcome with my accumulated knowledge. Those little adventures of the mind were a little advance of insight into how adult life may be. 


Navigating challenges and seeking solutions.


  Recognizing the error in a way and moving back to a safe hub to strengthen and work forward again. Ever grateful for learning those navigation techniques. 


 Being enabled with and understanding them can bring you closer to your desired outcome, without the Groundhog Day cycles.

My purpose in giving this guided journey is in saving you from a few extra path sways. 


Accumulated knowledge and lessons learnt, accepted and adapted by small and simple change. The knowledge of the alternate paths helps you to notice when you are steering off course and how to correct the path.


Reminding yourself often you are the master of your destiny, the wheel is yours, you steer.   We may take a side step to learn from the past, we may jump ahead to learn what is possible. 

Whichever way we decide to go, if we move ahead together, we choose to stay on the path of moving forward whichever turn it takes. 


It is at this stage we have come along the path to a point of change.

The answer is CHOICE.

Introducing The 12 Initiations of Unity Origin Story



 Upon asking for unconditional love from the angels I soon felt as though vibrational boots were set on my feet, my body began to vibrate. 

A gentle angel told me my body would now learn the vibration of LOVE and then I would be guided to go amongst those ready to hear, to see and learn. 

I would then lift the vibration from within each person, teaching them to recognize the language of Love. 

"Vibrational Love."

This beautiful angel led me to a case of stairs. They were glowing and alternating in color as I stepped upon them,  I was guided to move upward. As I ascended an opening was shown and the angel motioned me to move within it.


A silver metallic entrance leading within a dome. I could feel myself moving upward feeling very light.  Coming gently to the center of the dome I found myself  presented with 12 magnificent tall white chairs all turned away. 

They were of solid marble, illuminant and opalescent. Occupied.


Ascended master Ashtar motioned me to stand in the center of the chairs on a circle a sundial.   The sundial was reflective gold made of natural materials. 


Brass, Copper, Gold, Silver, magnetized and moving. 


A connection was evident with above being stars and below being water. Its compass 12 portioned triangles.  Ashtar ­ bowed. As he did, all the chairs turned to reveal. Each held by a knowledge keeper and protector, a master of its teachings.


Given in transmuted energy transference knowledge of each ray represented by color. Each ray one by one touched and then all at once the 12 masters sent combined "Unity" 


Ashtar guiding  to relax and accept. Once the vibration and  gentle humming faded from head down through the feet.  Eyes moved upward to see the roof of the dome was "open"


It also was in 12 portions of triangles pointing upwards.  

The stars were so close they were crystal lights, so reachable. After initiation I could hear their song, I could hear them sing.


Ashtar told me to enjoy it and to not be too overwhelmed. 


This is when I faded back to "earth"

As I adjusted back into my body.  I recalled being told to guide them’ to release and ignore all other emotions, relieving the beckoning call of temptation, allowing the birth of LOVE within.  Allowing it to empower and consume their body.

 Teaching the tones that will encourage harmonic balance to the world.

The manuscript would be given for both student and teacher. As each level of acceptance may alter. The guidelines and information collectively given as by choice.


The desire to teach and for those who resonate to teach also, with the vibration suited to the language and the humble desires of the greater good for the collective of humanity. 


This connection is one of many lighting the way for teaching the language of unity and love. With implemented changes we will soon see a prosperous difference in self.